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HACH will process an interim recertification for certain changes in family composition or income. An interim recertification form must be completed when any of the following changes occur within ten (10) business days of the change:

  1. Family Composition Changes: any household member who moves in or out of the unit, birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, court-awarded custody of a child, or death of family member,
  2. Increase In Income: from employment, social security, child support, TANF, pension, annuity, family contributions, unemployment benefits, veteran’s benefits, lump sum payments, business income or other source of
  3. Decrease of income: loss or reduction of any of the above

To request an interim recertification, changes must be reported in writing. All interim recertification requests require completion of the Interim package by clicking here. All forms must signed by all adult household members.

You can now complete this online using our self-serve option by following this link Online Interim Form your caseworker will review within 15-business days. Please note if any information is missing your change will not be completed.

Please select the option below that best identifies the type of change you are reporting. In addition, please complete the section on the Status Change Form that corresponds to the option you have selected. If you are reporting an increase in income you must supply the following as applicable:

·       Paystubs from the new employer or letter from employer listing anticipated start date, as well as pay rate, average hours and frequency of pay. (i.e. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

·       Verification of new or increased Social Security or other benefit awards

·       Verification of new or increased pension or other income increases.

If you are requesting to add a person to your family composition, you must supply the following:

·       Landlord approval letter for person to move into unit.

·       Consent to obtain criminal background records form

·       Income information of new family member

·       Court issued custody documents or notarized affidavit granting custody.

·       Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Current Picture Identification and               214 Declaration

·       Authorization for Release for Information/Privacy Act Notice HUD 9886 for          any persons 18 years and older 

If you are reporting a decrease in income you must supply the following as applicable:

·       Separation notice from former employer for income decrease.

·       Verification of decrease or denial of Social Security or other benefit award letters. 

·       Status of unemployment application

·       Verification of decrease or denial of pension or other income.

If you arereporting a decrease in family composition, the head of household must provide verification that the family member is no longer a part of the assisted household.
HACH will accept one (1) of the following:

  1. Any utility bill – Telephone, Cable, Electric, Gas
  2. Paystub with new address
  3. Social Security, SSI or State Budget Sheet
  4. Lease of new apartment
  5. Letter from automobile insurance company

Notarized statements are NOT accepted


Policies and Procedures:

Approval of a request for interim recertification is not automatic. If you do not hear from your caseworker in 30 business days, please contact her.

  1. The HCV Program will not process an interim recertification for a household that receives a reduction in TANF income due to an agency sanction. Example: The family’s TANF benefits were reduced due to non-compliance with the TANF program
  2. You must receive approval prior to adding any person to the household. New members 18 or older must pass a criminal background
  3. Changes reported within ten (10) days of the occurrence, that result in a decrease in tenant rent will be effective the first day of the following month
  4. Changes reported within ten (10) days of the occurrence, that result in an increase in tenant rent will be effective on the first of the month following 30 days

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