Interim Reexamination

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Interim Reexamination 

What is an Interim reexamination?
When your household circumstances change it may mean you need to complete an interim recertification before your next scheduled recertification. PHA policies dictate what kinds of information about changes in household circumstances must be reported, and under what circumstances to PHA.

PHA will process interim recertifications to reflect those changes. PHA may also conduct interim recertifications of household income or composition at any time to ensure compliance with program reporting requirements.

Required Interim Reporting

Families are required to report all increases in household income, including new employment, within ten (10) business days of the date the change takes effect.

The PHA will conduct an interim reexamination, if necessary, within a reasonable time after the family makes the report.

The PHA will conduct interim reexaminations for families that qualify for the earned income disallowance (EID) only when the EID family’s share of rent will change as a result of the increase. In all other cases, the PHA will note the information in the tenant file but will not conduct an interim reexamination.

Family composition changes. 

What Date does my Interim Recertifications take Effect? 

Increases in Rent

An increase in the client's portion of the rent at the time will be effective on the first of the month following 30 days' notice to the household.

If a household fails to report a required change within the required time frames, or fails to provide all required information within the required time frames, the increase will be applied retroactively to the date it would have been effective had the information been provided on a timely basis. The household will be responsible for any overpaid subsidy.

Decreases in Rent

A decrease in family share of the rent at the time of an interim recertification will be effective on the first day of the month following the month in which the change was reported and all required documentation was submitted.

How to request an Interim Recertification

In order to request an Interim Recertification you must complete and submit an Request for Interim Reexamination.

Once this form has been completed, you may submit the request via email to your caseworker. List of caseworkers can be found here or drop it off at the PHA Headquarters located at180 John D Wardlaw Way, Hartford, CT 06106


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