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On April 25, 2016, The Department of Urban Development (HUD) awarded the Housing Authority of the City of Hartford (HACH) a $100,000 grant under the Fiscal Year 2015 Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program (JRAP). HACH is one of 18 public housing agencies to receive an award under the new program. The program period began July 1, 2016, and will operate through December 31, 2017. The goal is to serve 30 youth from the ages of 16 to 24 in the Greater Hartford Area with a primary focus toward youth that reside in public housing in the North Harford Promise Zone.

The Department of Urban Development (HUD) and The Department of Justice (DOJ) joined forces through JRAP to expand the housing, employment and/or educational opportunities of current public housing youth from the ages of 16 to 24, and/or a former household member of a current public housing resident who, but for their criminal record would be living in public housing. The JRAP program focuses on expunging, sealing, and/or correcting juvenile and adult criminal records for target youth, and providing other supportive services to alleviate or prevent collateral consequences, thus enabling target youth a second chance at success.

JRAP provides funding to public housing agencies (PHAs) that have a formalized partnership with a legal aid organization, university legal center, public defender’s office or other legal service organization that is a nonprofit and has experience provided legal services to juveniles. HACH entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Center for Children’s Advocacy (CCA) to implement and operate JRAP. CCA is a nonprofit law firm that provides legal representation and advocacy for the poorest, most at-risk children and teens in Connecticut. CCA has served the various legal needs of youth in Greater Hartford for over 15 years and has experience providing legal services to juveniles and young adults who are involved in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems.

CCA will engage in outreach to Hartford organizations that work with the target population and provide legal services to 30 youth referred by HACH or other organizations that serve the target population. The legal services may include the following:

  • Expunging, sealing, or correcting criminal records or securing certificates of rehabilitation.

  • Providing guidance regarding readmission to school, and college applications.

  •  Providing counseling regarding legal rights and obligations in searching for employment and the most effective way to talk to employers about criminal justice involvement.

  • Helping families understand education laws and school discipline policies and support readmitting school-age youth in school when appropriate.


  • Proposing alternatives to expulsion, suspension, and reliance on the criminal justice system for non-violent behavioral issues.

  • Helping at–risk youth and their families’ access public benefits.

  • Providing consultation or representation in guardianship matters in probate or juvenile courts that help stabilize individuals and families.

  • Assisting with driver’s license reinstatement.

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