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Rules and Regulatioins

CLOTHESLINES:There will be no clothesline poles. Residents will have a washer / dryer hook – up in his / her home. The resident is responsible for providing his / her own washer and / or dryer.

FENCES:Residents are not permitted to erect fences on Housing Authority property unless the specifications and fence type are approved by the Authority in writing. Residents will be charged the actual cost of labor for removal of unauthorized construction.

GARBAGE AND TRASH DISPOSAL: Residents are responsible for putting garbage and trash properly into trash receptacles which you are to provide. Do not deposit refuse or waste of any kind on Housing Authority property. Trash will be disposed of based on City Ordinances.

    1. Bulk Waste:Residents should place items such as mattresses, furniture, or other large household items, next to dumpsters for removal on the regularly scheduled trash removal.

    2. Recycling:All residents must follow the prescribed procedures for recycling as established. ITS THE LAW!!!

    3. Residents will be subject to a charge in addition to rent for the actual cost of labor for the Authority to remove any garbage or trash.


Grass: The resident is responsible for cutting the grass areas surrounding their home. Access to a lawnmower will be made available to you by contacting the Authority.

Snow:The resident is responsible for removing snow, ice, etc., from the walks, and driveway.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS:Materials which are improperly used may cause hazardous conditions, such as gasoline and propone gas. These are forbidden to be stored inside your home. Small amounts of gasoline may be stored in a proper manner in your garage.

INSTALLATIONS:Television antennas, air conditions, plumbing, and electrical fixtures may be installed only with the written permission of the Authority.

NOISE:Stereos, radios, musical instruments, television sets, and other sound-making devices must be maintained at a reasonable noise level so as not to disturb your neighbors and other residents. The resident must not breach City Ordinances for "Nuisance".

PARKING:Residents and visitors are not to park cars on grass areas surrounding your home. No trucks or other vehicles are permitted on lawns when moving furniture in or out of buildings. School buses, boats, campers, and commercial trucks are not permitted to park anywhere on the premises. Do not use driveways to store inoperable cars. Driveways cannot be used to repair or service cars. Residents’ cars must be registered with the Authority. Parking stickers will be issued with a maximum of 3 stickers per household and must be affixed to car windows annually or upon change of vehicle. Any cars found in driveways without Housing Authority stickers will be judged to be improperly parked and are subject to being tagged and towed at owner’s expense. Parking is only permitted in driveways. Any violation of this section will be subject to a charge in addition to rent, as posted at the Authority.

NOTE:No Changing or discarding of motor oil on Housing Authority property.

PETS:Residents are granted consent to have one (1) appointed common household pet (hereinafter "pet") per unit.

    1. All pets must be licensed and inoculated in accordance with State and City of Hartford laws;

    2. All dogs must be registered with the development office;

    3. Pit Bulls, Rotweillers, any cross breed of either and other animals that constitute a danger to residents are not permitted;

    4. Pets shall not be allowed out of the home unless in the custody of an adult resident and on a leash, in a box, cage, or otherwise under physical restraint. If the pet is a bird, it shall be caged at all times;

    5. Pets shall under no circumstances be allowed on playgrounds or any other common areas.

    6. Residents must clean-up after their pet.

    7. If, in the judgment of the Housing Authority, the pet has become objectionable by reason of noises, barking, damage to the home, etc., the Housing Authority at its discretion at any time may require residents to remove the pet;

    8. The Housing Authority may require a refundable pet despoit in the amount of one month’s rent (not to exceed $100) for residents under 62 years of age. The Housing Authority may use the pet deposit only to pay reasonable expenses directly attributed to the presence of the pet in the developments, including but not limited to, the cost of repairs, replacement, fumigation of the unit, etc.

    9. Residents shall pay for the costs of repairs, any and all damages caused by the pet to the building, grounds, flooring, trim, finish, tiles, carpeting, and other appurtenances. If damage is in the nature of stains and such damage cannot be restored to the original condition, residents shall pay the full cost and expense of replacing the item.

REMODELING:Making structural changes to the home is not allowed. Residents are eligible to receive Housing Authority supplied paint free of charge every two years. Use of paint not supplied by the Authority must be approved by the Authority. Dark colored paints, contact paper, and wallpaper are prohibited.

REPAIRS:Charge(s) in addition to rent shall be determined in accordance with the Federal and State laws and regulations.

Residents will be charged for the costs of maintenance and repairs beyond normal wear and tear, which shall be collectible 15 calendar days after receipt of written notice of the charge(s). Failure to make payment is a material breach of your lease obligation.

Maintenance and repair costs shall be determined and updated by the Authority yearly. Charges reflect actual cost of material and labor. A copy of the fee schedule for charges in addition to rent is posted and available at Authority for review.

If resident(s) disagree with a charge(s) in addition to rent, he/she is entitled to request a Grievance Hearing in accordance with the Lease.

ROACHES, RATS, INSECTS, & VERMIN CONTROL:The Housing Authority provides for regular extermination of all apartments and buildings at no cost to the residents. A 48-hour notice is placed under the door of each apartment so that the resident can prepare the apartment properly for extermination. Special extermination is provided where heavy infestation is evident. No resident is to refuse the service, and any exception must be approved by the Authority. Refusal of extermination service constitutes a health and safety hazard and renders the resident subject to eviction or a penalty. The Authority discourages residents from performing this function individually, as it defeats the effectiveness of the approved treatment. Any violation of this section will be subject to a charge in addition to rent, as posted in the project office. In addition to regularly scheduled treatment, residents may request extermination services as needed by calling HHA’s Central Complaint office.

STORAGE SPACE:The Housing Authority does not provide storage space outside the home. Any objects, such as motorbikes, mattresses, sofas, or other furniture placed in or around the home will be subject to removal and disposal by the Authority. Residents will be charged for the actual cost of labor for removal.

TREES AND SHRUBBERY:Trees and shrubbery can be planted on Housing Authority property with the written permission of the Authority.

WATERBEDS:Waterbeds are not allowed in public housing.

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