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Requirements for the 5 (h) Homeownership Plan through the Campus of Learners

The Campus of Learners community is expected to function as any main stream community might function anywhere in the country. It is expected that the community will be virtually self-governing in the sense that it works closely with natural partners in the process of maintaining the quality of life features held so important. Having said that, however, there is a lease and many performance commitments between the Hartford Housing Authority and the individual family. These expectations are imbedded within the various documents attached and can be summarized as follows:

  1. The Head of Household and every adult in the family must sign up for the Campus of Learners. They must:

    Complete all intake forms
    Meet with the Campus of Learners Case Manager
    Sign and honor the Contract of Participation
    Attend ALL training and counseling sessions

  2. The Head of Household and every adult must be working towards the five-year goal of becoming employed with an income of at least $15,000 annually.

  3. The family must be prepared to purchase their unit within a five-year period.

  4. Illegal activity of any kind by any member of the family is prohibited and will result in IMMEDIATE eviction from the Campus and possibly from Low Rent Public Housing.

  5. All school-age children must be enrolled in school and must maintain an acceptable attendance record.

  6. Parents must take an interest in their child’s education. Educational enrichment programs will be made available through the Campus of Learners. When a child has a C average or below, the parents must ensure that they are enrolled in a tutorial program, which programs will be identified by Campus of Learners staff.

  7. Children with special needs will be assessed individually and resources to support such families will be identified by the Campus of Learners Staff when available.

  8. Once employed, tenants are expected to do everything within their power to keep that job.

  9. Once employed, tenants are expected to continue with their learning through the Campus of Learners from their homes or through courses presented by Campus of Learners partners.

  10. Tenants must participate in credit counseling and budgeting classes as specified in their Contract of Participation

  11. Tenants must adhere to the rules and regulations as outlined in the attached document.

  12. Tenants must adhere to the expectations of the lease. Otherwise, the eviction process will be started immediately.


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