Basic 5 (h) Plan

Best Practices


CFR § 906.20 5 (h) Homeownership Plan

(a) A description of the property, including identification of the development and the specific dwellings to be sold.

The Hartford Housing Authority is in the process of constructing one hundred and thirty (130) units [a combination of 110 duplex units and 20 single family homes] in the "D" Section of Charter Oak Terrace. The intent is to sell all 130 units over the next five years under this 5(h) Homeownership Plan.

The twenty (20) single family homes will be sold immediately upon completion of construction.

The 110 duplex units (under the rent to own provisions) will be leased with the option to buy within a five year window after first occupancy and be administered under the Campus of Learners Program.

The single family homes will be sold to families ready and able to purchase immediately.

The Duplexes will be rented under a lease with the option to buy to families who are not ready or able to purchase and who agree to participate in the Campus of Learners Program.

All units will be in new condition upon completion of construction. These units will be ideal candidates for sale because the repair and maintenance cost to future owners will be very low over the next fifteen (15) to twenty (20) years.

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